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The Internet mode manufacturers, 40 million SMEs in China are the target users in any one company, rather than to the 4% rate of all firms use E-mail provides a great space for development. According to consulting firm iResearch Ereli April 2008 market research data show that in 2008 a quarter of China business mail market to reach 65 million yuan, is expected in 2009, the market scale will reach 3.3 billion yuan. Market will maintain an annual growth rate of 30%. Huge market demand for E-mail provides a good development prospects. However, industry analysts, as users of corporate mail product and service quality requirements continue to increase, in an increasingly tough competitive situation, firms from the market cut their own cake, you must in the service concept, service capability and service E-mail tools, etc. to give a higher added value. Improve technology, deepen the services. 263 E-mail provided by authorized service centers such as integrated business model and service OA system customization trend is strong evidence of high added value.
Investment return and assess the value of imported equipment there is a big gap between the joint venture is common in the past, and now foreign-owned enterprises in this phenomenon is also frequent. In recent years, with the technical content of the introduction of foreign capital improvement projects, foreign investment in more and more intangible assets, and this new form of investment raises the value of a direct identification of new problems. Ready to start a tender of a foreign company, the name of the registered capital of $ 1,700,000. When the results of the appraisal of the application, as much as $ 1,500,000 is the generic form of software. After further confirmation, the software actually online shopping software system with the domestic similar. Another foreign-funded enterprises to do the chip, 1,000 million investment in 900 million is even software. Experts point out that, if it is truly software technology with independent intellectual property, intangible assets such as Investment is encouraged and protected, provided that the policy must comply with the relevant laws, such as investment in intangible assets generally can not exceed 20% of registered capital, high-tech enterprises can not exceed 35%, the investment should be the copyright protection software. This is clearly contrary to the provisions of foreign-funded enterprises.

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