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Part No. : KS8701
Description : FLEXTM Roaming Decoder II
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Page Number : 73
Manufacturer : Samsung semiconductor
File Size : 435 Kb

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In indirect control, the data are usually generated by some mechanism, but that mechanism does not use the data to understand the specific needs of IDS. For this reason, the data from the indirect access to the data source is always very large, a C2-level audit trail generated may include daily 50k \ 500k each user record, for a medium-sized groups of users, every day audit trail data may be several hundreds of megabytes. For this reason, IDS data source in the use of indirect, often must consume a large amount of resources and streamlining the data filtering. Direct control method only to obtain the data it needs, so the relatively small amount of data generated. In addition, the monitoring component analysis of the data itself will be the only relevant event is detected only produce results, thus reducing the amount of data storage.
Peking Opera has been the Gainward graphics card features, Gainward 8600GT red version of the box gives us a sense of tradition and technology combine. Gainward 8600GT red version with a non-public version of Red 6 layers PCB design, based on NVIDIAs G84 GPU, built-in 32 stream processors, support HDCP; graphics using 80nm process technology of the G84-303 graphics core, full DirectX 10 support and Shader Model 4.0, Unified Shader Architecture, and has also opened a high-definition HDR + AA functions. Card equipped with Qimonda DDR3 1.0ns of high-speed memory, size reached 256M/128bit, core / memory frequency 625MHz/1800MHz, higher than the frequency of the public version 8600GT. Materials used, the red flag Edition Gainward 8600GT HDMI stallion with a Sanyo SEPC series capacitors, and Nippon Chemi-cons PS series capacitor, with brands such as STMicroelectronics, MOSFET, also provides a 6pin power connector, ensuring adequate power supply card. Interface, Gainward 8600GT red version with DVI + D-Sub + HDMI interface design, with NVIDIAs PureVideo H.264 hardware decoding, and can be easily set up high-definition home video platform.

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