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Part No. : KA8602B
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Manufacturer : Samsung semiconductor
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Campus export region is a special place, so the campus network is not available for export will lead to the entire campus network into islands of information, how to ensure high reliability and export of equipment? How to ensure a reliable export network lines? Is the campus network management must face. With the rapid expansion of the campus network, export facilities will be behind the growing number of users. Although many campus backbone network has a Gigabit network, but exports of equipment and the connection between the campus backbone network into the gigabit line is still used, network bandwidth bottlenecks still exist. Export of equipment and backbone network connected between the use of Gigabit interfaces in the next 1-2 years will gradually become the mainstream way of expanding the campus network. However, if the device does not support the export of existing Gigabit interfaces in the future, it will not be able to face the challenges of the expansion, and that the present investment in the export of equipment can not be long-term returns.
Recently, Microsoft released the first set of hardware, super mini receiver and blue shadows on the technology in a mouse - Microsoft Wireless Mouse 6000 Blue Shadow portable. Video technology as an industry advocate of the blue, Microsoft has the superior performance of the tracking technology used in six mouse and keyboard products. Meanwhile, to meet the growing consumer demand for portable products, new notebook mouse with ultra-dedicated portable mini USB receiver - left outside the machine less than 1 cm in length, does not affect the laptop to carry, allow consumers to enjoy the freedom of anytime, anywhere wireless.

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