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KA8507 Datasheet | Samsung semiconductor
Part No. : KA8507
Description : COMPANDER
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Page Number : 6
Manufacturer : Samsung semiconductor
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AMD in 2003 began selling server chips, and later made great progress, and now the market share reached 26%. AMD in part because the success of Intels new Xeon chip energy consumption growing faster than the growth performance speed. Intel launched the Woodcrest Xeon 5100 chip, which in performance and the competitiveness of energy consumption has been further improved. However, AMD in the four major server vendors have occupied a place in line. IBM in early August announced its first mainstream Opteron servers; Sun Opteron servers are on high hopes; the first quarter of this year sales of 76,325 units HP Opteron server; even if Intel had a loyal ally ] ] Dell, also Earlier this year, announced that it will be launched before the end of the year Opteron Service
Illinois National Center for Supercomputing Applications Dell high-performance computing system has a 2,500-processor cluster will be mainly responsible for evolution of the universe, the size and structure, and the sun and other stars to explore the life cycle theory of observation, strong storms Model, human genetic and biotechnology research and drug discovery and development of a broad range of advanced scientific computing tasks. As the worlds number one supplier of computer systems, Dell has always been committed to the field of high-performance computing cluster technology innovation and standardization, which continues to expand the companys top 500 supercomputers in the world ranking of position. According to IDC, the second quarter of 2003, statistics show that Dells market share up to 36.3% highest in the world of Linux cluster of Intel-based systems market top.

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