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Increasing demand in this case, the ASUS Workstation Board dealer Chi Wei Industry co-launched the latest DeckLink Extreme nonlinear editing system that the desktop interface to all standard definition television programming with high overall solution, is currently very cost-effective TV program production system. Because video data compression and decompression operations are concentrated in the CPU, so Fei Xianbian workstation CPU performance requirements are high. With the 64-bit and multi-core technology, the CPU now has its own performance greatly improved. We recommend Dual Core II E6300 dual-core processor, the CPU has 1.86 GHZ * 2 of the frequency and 2MB secondary cache, support for high-definition video playback, ideal for graphic design use.
And Beijing Normal University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing Forestry University, China University of Geosciences, China University of Mining, East China Normal University, Lanzhou University, many colleges and universities by Array Networks to deploy remote access solutions, university teachers and students from outside the public network access Pops, the system will assign them a virtual card, the card address assigned for the SSL VPN gateway, the address of the address system is a unified school system, the IP address is allowed access to internal and external IP address of the digital library. This SSL VPN tunnel through the public network from access to digital libraries can successfully break through the library for our internal and external IP address restrictions, not only solves the problem of off-campus access to electronic library, and also enhance the security of campus electronic library sex.

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