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Manufacturer : Samsung semiconductor
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MPLS VPN technology in the VPN routes present in the carriers PE router, the route operator for the customer to maintain its original intention is to reduce the burden of user management and maintenance to facilitate the VPN service to various high schools large-scale low-end customers promotion, however, more and more important in network security today, the original intention appears to be the advantages of large customers have become obstacles to the development of high-end, usually banks and other customers in the financial system more reliable ATM / FR / DDN story line, etc. technology, they can not be related to the routing and security features allow operators to maintain, so three of the MPLS VPN technology is difficult to attract traditional big customers, which in the end led to the second floor of the emergence of MPLS VPN, the second floor of the VPN only connection, VPN routing customers still maintain a clear responsibility of operators and customers. Only the second floor of the MPLS VPN technology to connect more easily to be high-end customers
If the business from Internet cafes to distinguish the case, Internet cafes can be divided into play areas, chat areas, video on demand areas, and the requirements of the various areas of the network is different. Areas and areas such as video games that require high bandwidth, while the chat area is relatively lower. How to distinguish between different regions is Internet cafe management one of the important and difficult, ReOS? VSTART brought a revolutionary breakthrough in network management, including global - group - individual sufficient to meet the three-tier management needs of different businesses, and bold use of a more streamlined text to guide users to a variety of flexible, easy to use features, the new "fool" the network management concept to Internet cafes operating in the industry.

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