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K6R1016V1D-TC10 Datasheet | Samsung semiconductor
Part No. : K6R1016V1D-TC10
Description : 256Kx4 Bit (with OE) High-Speed CMOS Static RAM(5.0V Operating).
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Page Number : 9
Manufacturer : Samsung semiconductor
File Size : 189 Kb

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HASEE GS4 nano ceramic fan cooling fan, nano-ceramic shaft with high hardness, wear resistance, can extend the life of the fan. Video card power supply section uses multiple satellites 470u and 1000u of the filter capacitor, make sure the card power supply stability. HASEE GS4 HYNIX of 2.5ns DDR2 memory with a total of four components 256MB/64bit specifications. DVI video output interface and VGA interface, users can meet the needs of daily use. Now large-screen displays have become increasingly common, to support more and more monitor HDCP, HDCP is the future high-definition standard, but also a trend. HASEE GS4 integrates Atmels AT88SC HDCP KEY ROM, with the 8400GS G86-213 chip can support HDCP. In addition, HASEE GS4 256M of memory, but also to meet the needs of high-definition and large game

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