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ISO100BP Datasheet | Burr-Brown Corporation
Part No. : ISO100BP
Description : Optically-Coupled Linear ISOLATION AMPLIFIER
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Page Number : 15
Manufacturer : Burr-Brown Corporation
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HSPA evolution of multi-carrier technology is the next step, which allows users to receive data in two frequency bands simultaneously. This allows users to HSPA network coverage and usually can not experience a higher rate of cell edge user data rate doubled. Therefore, the downlink peak data rates from 21Mbps up to nowadays the fastest 42Mbps, which will significantly improve the content of the online business with high-quality user experience. The display to use Ericssons mobile broadband router design. The HSPA network through the use of consumer devices, so easy to use fixed wireless access as fixed-line business are very attractive alternative. Need broadband access in all situations, including home, office area or public place, you can use the device. Mobile broadband routers with the help of multiple users can share the data rate of up to 42Mbps, so the effective use of high-speed broadband network.
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