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Part No. : ISL6556BCB-T
Description : Optimized Multi-Phase PWM Controller with 6-Bit DAC and Programmable Internal Temperature Compensation for VR10.X Application
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Page Number : 24
Manufacturer : Intersil Corporation
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Poor scalability of indirect control mechanisms. Because when the host and the number of internal elements to be monitored increases, the filtered data will reduce the cost of the performance of the monitored host. Indirect data sources are often in the data generation and access to the data between the IDS has a delay, and much less direct control of the delay, so that IDS can thus make a more timely response. Some intrusion detection systems used in data collection and internal probes of external detectors, such as Purdue University AAFID, using external detectors, monitoring components and control procedures to be separated, while the internal probe in the monitoring code to achieve.
Summary: Gainward 8600GT red stallion version, 625MHz/1800MHz core / memory frequency is higher than the public version of the design, high-frequency performance also makes it a lot. This card workmanship and materials used are good, graphics native HDMI, users can experience high-definition charm. 5-year gold warranty, manufacturers can see confidence in the quality of their products, eliminating the worries of consumers. Well-designed multi-function dust cover is also a major highlight of the graphics card. DIYer like overclocking can go take a look at the market, the current market price is 999 yuan.

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