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Part No. : ISL6115CB
Description : Power Distribution Controllers
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Page Number : 12
Manufacturer : Intersil Corporation
File Size : 364 Kb

ISL6115CB Article About

In recent years, reflects the core of the channel holding high the banner of the United States, long-standing strategy of core channels in the domestic printer market reputations, the rapid growth of China ahead of the Zhenda brand. Especially in the United States in 2004 as the mapping of "channels on" Imaging structures in the channel, the service is very successful, making the United States for two consecutive years reflects local Zhenda brand. Recalling the domestic printer market, after the baptism of the market, market structure has been basically stable. The company sells its products primarily through channel distribution, although the different regions is different, but generally have a channel through the formation, growth, maturity, adjustment. Printer market in 2004, the channel is more difficult to expand compared to 2003 is also more intense, more intense competition between manufacturers, it is even more need for manufacturers to establish a more effective channel model, enrich its product line to enhance the competitiveness channel , and channels to jointly promote the brand promotion, to achieve win-win situation. In recent years, reflect the beauty industry with a strong integration capabilities, based on the size of the depth of manufacturing strength, and always maintain the "user needs oriented, partnership interests at the core" strategy, to become Chinas leading commercial equipment and tax control equipment suppliers commercial and manufacturing partner of choice of international brands, brand image, increase rapidly, especially in the channel construction is unique in its own.
For the entire data center, we need to concern not only about energy issues to the server level, the storage center is also involved in energy saving, environmental protection, reduce storage costs and the achievement of green storage initiatives. The issue we will introduce data de-duplication technology can effectively reduce the data storage capacity, in order to achieve data center energy efficiency and reduce cooling needs, to achieve "green" sense. As the rapid development of disk technology in recent years, a number of enterprises and users tend to use more disk backup or archive, and the resulting energy consumption is also prominent. Traditional backup strategy often inside the users disk space a large amount of redundant data, which consumes a lot of unnecessary disk space, bringing a range of energy consumption and cooling issues. Is there any way to eliminate redundant data out of these, so as to avoid unnecessary energy consumption of it?

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