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ISL3084IR Datasheet | Intersil Corporation
Part No. : ISL3084IR
Description : 5GHz VCO
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Page Number : 4
Manufacturer : Intersil Corporation
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ISL3084IR Article About

Taipei, Oct. 30 reported that the ancestors as the hard drive technology, IBM Research Laboratory, is getting a house called the storage-class memory technology. According to information provided by IBM, SCM is a new generation of non-volatile memory technology, the access speed and memory modules the same performance, but with the reliability of semiconductor products, and information without having to wipe the old directly in the case written. IBM said that, until after the actual commercial - about 5 years, about as long as the cost per 1Gb of flash memory 1 / 3, it will first replace the former market position in the portable device; in between 2012 to 2015 to enterprise-class storage devices is expected to replace the hard drive.
Mobile communications is currently the most dynamic high-tech industry one of the industries involved in the wireless mobile communication system, transmission, exchange, internet, system management and many other technologies, the culmination of a collection of modern high-end technology. Therefore, the mobile communications industry need a lot of technical talent, but also facing a skills assessment of relevant technical staff and management. China today, hundreds of thousands of employees of telecommunications operators need additional knowledge to cope with the competition and transition operators; for operators to provide equipment, maintenance, optimization, content companies, hundreds of thousands of knowledge workers also need training in wireless communications; and intention of entering the network, the communications industry millions of college students and job seekers need related certification, to open the leading mobile communications industry career doors.

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