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Sun: The third customer, his business in decline, so that the pain is better to find people, is the best grasp of a customer. Zhao: The people like the cat on hot bricks, several business leaders in the pain, he will account for several, so once you can let him see your worth, you can easily win this customer. Sun: So we look at the fourth level, his performance of the company on the rise. Wu: This is a very good chance, if your program can meet the needs of his development, he will believe you. Zhao: Although a very good opportunity, but also more difficult to grasp the opportunity, because we all see the opportunity.
Imagine that we are not, because these companies can measure the results, so from the SOA, see the real benefits, then there is for other enterprises, whether the success story yet to be discovered? Maybe. But I believe they know how to measure the results of the enterprises should have a higher success rate. You can not blame them - SOA is not an exact science. When it involves business growth, even though I have encountered the most leading companies are no accurate way to track the SOA. So far, more than subjective evidence, such as increased developer or user satisfaction. Sun Microsystems to sell cheap servers on Monday expressed great interest, the company is introducing two new models, and it also announced, with the Oracle and Red Hat launched more closely. The two new servers are: Sun Fire V60x and V65x, although they are running Intel Xeon processors, but its starting price was only $ 2,450. Sun CEO Scott McNealy said the computer company than Dell and IBM machines are much cheaper.

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