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IRF9410TRPBF Datasheet | International Rectifier
Part No. : IRF9410TRPBF
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : International Rectifier
File Size : 242 Kb

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Before installing the test version, please uninstall the previous version, and restart the computer. Not recommended at the same time with other anti-virus software installed on the same computer with an operating system. Test version of the "User Registration Wizard" can not be normal, not a software problem. Another: this test does not contain the language resources in English and Japanese tests. Beta version will be updated from time to time, until the end of testing activities. Updated in two ways, "Smart Upgrade" and "Manual Upgrade", using "smart upgrade" when the anti-virus software interface, click the "software upgrade" or a firewall interface "software upgrade" button, the "Manual Upgrade" download the new version each time a test version of the installation package, you need to uninstall the previous version and reinstall it. After the test, if you no longer need to conduct further testing, be sure to uninstall the "Rising Antivirus 2008" beta and "Rising Personal Firewall 2008" test version, so as not to affect the official version you install to your computer or use the inconvenience. Taobaos success led the B2B and B2C e-commerce such as the rapid development of up Ali Want to buy things and sell things to easy communication, it is Taobaos success has brought Ali make a big success, and Ali Want the rising number of users also marks the e-commerce in China, Alibabas dominance. 7.96 million active users, the market share of 2.1%, there is huge room for development.
Packet filtering firewall security is based on the IP address of the packet checksum. In the Internet, all information is transmitted in packet form, information package contains the senders IP address and IP address of the recipient. Packet filtering firewall that all the information packets through the IP address of the sender, the receiver IP address, TCP port, TCP link state information such as read out, and in accordance with the principle of pre-filter to filter packets. Those who do not meet the requirements of the IP address of the packet will be filtered by the firewall to ensure network security. This is a security technology based on network layer, application layer for hacking is powerless.

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