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Part No. : IR3N05
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Manufacturer : International Rectifier
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In addition to the function realization strategies of layered modular, IMOS also in accordance with the characteristics of multimedia applications, multimedia data access abstraction and modeling. Such as multimedia data according to the characteristics of the formation of a multi-media information model, the model is "architecture in the format storage and storage above the non-formatted, optimized for multimedia features, and a complete description of multimedia information between a set of syntax storage, retrieval and management system model "applied to video conferencing can also be applied to video surveillance. H3C IMOS is the most important line of multimedia products, "product" is H3C sustainable development of multimedia products, the cornerstone of all. IMOS, although not directly to end-user deliverables, but it is destined to become the most important line of multimedia products H3C "product" H3C is also the largest investment in the multimedia product line, one of the products. All products will be multimedia H3C cornerstone of sustainable development.
Often seen at the Forum was asked, "how to implement data subtotals," introduces a lot of people are this or that control to achieve, but not the language itself from a relational database to consider implementations. Here, Ill take an example to illustrate how to use SQL to its powerful data subtotals. The number of encoding storage 01A 6 01B 7 02A 8 02B 9 01A 6 01B 7 Summary Subtotal: 13 02A 8 02B 9 Summary Subtotal: 17 At first glance, it seems very easy, with the group by seems to be achieved? But careful study of it, and you will feel is powerless group by the total lack of something, can not start. So, in the end how? Do not worry, SQL Server has long been to help us do a good job, here, come with me.

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