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Part No. : IR3M03AN
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Manufacturer : International Rectifier
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Another significant change is the X1s keyboard to adjust the keyboards center line, the normal function keys above the keyboard has been moved to the left, making the G key and H keys of the keyboard between the center of the central line and the LCD real alignment, which Avoid the ordinary with the undue central line of notebooks have awkward body posture, and neck fatigue. This is Samsungs first notebook in the notebook industry put forward the concept of health. However, users in the industry to keep health care led the premise for the design, application of human engineering to create this type of health notebooks will soon follow the example for everybody. Samsung notebook in a variety of new products, we are not difficult to find the application of AV entertainment features to be played to the current in the extreme. Particularly in the M50 and the X1 has a mobile entertainment positioning of such products, we found that not only have three weeks before they are widely used Windows operating system independently of the audio interface AVS Now, there are separate settings for each function of the shortcut keys - music, images, video. Wireless remote control is also cleverly introduced into the laptop on top of audio and video capabilities, Samsung in particular a card with IR remote control, not only to control the playback of audio and video files, but also to achieve the system starts, the upper and lower page and other operations functions in When not in use, the remote control can be cleverly hidden in the PCMCIA slot. In addition to Samsungs unique DNIe technology to Korea-screen with more real effect of the screen, Samsungs new products in almost all new entrants on the SRS 3D surround system, with the Samsung DNSe natural sound technology, realistic simulation of the natural sound effects, even in thin Q30plus also treated equally. The X1 cylindrical rear speakers that are good to create a more realistic 3D surround sound.
Eaton Shiweiteke as China Mobiles trust in the GSM11.3 just started construction of the base station, the following GSM11.2 construction of the base station, the Eaton Shiweiteke was given a switching power supply, including indoor and outdoor switch power supply, AC power distribution box, including nearly 10 million orders. In the international brand communication solutions for power management in a leading position in the Eaton Shiweiteke power, in entering the Chinese market, results in the domestic market also has been among the best. And with its advanced technology and perfect service, has become China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Netcom, China Railcom, and one of the major suppliers of electricity. Part of the successful bid of China Mobile VIP micro cellular base station configurations UPS procurement and engineering support GSM11.3 power of base station equipment procurement, following the recent 2006 China Mobile, switching power supply centralized purchasing, the two sides of another co-operation. Thus, China Mobile, the power of the old Eaton Shiweiteke partners trust and support, we can see Eaton Shiweiteke power prowess.

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