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Internet experts said the selection activity is able to cause such strong reactions, both because the value of CN domain name has been approved, a lot of "corn family" fun, hard gold; the second is selected activities to the "corn group" with to a "show" the opportunity to love corn, but also to provide an opportunity for the appreciation domain name, domain name once was named "top ten most valuable CN domain name," will greatly enhance their value; third year, the new CN domain name registration is large, three-month growth of nearly 8 million, which many of the new CN domain name is the protagonist of this selection activities. Sophos senior technology consultant Graham Cluley said: "Nopir.B worm targets the so-called piracy crowd, but it can not distinguish between pirated MP3 files and legal documents. Regardless of your attitude of Internet piracy, can not deny the criminal nature of - It vandalism infected Windows computers. "Sophos is currently not yet received the report of the virus, but it recommended that users update security software. This virus only infects systems running Microsoft Windows PC.
According to China Computer Newspaper, the "educational information constraints," according to a survey: in 2006, eastern and southern regions is expected to invest funds in education information between 10 to 100 million units in the majority, around 56% ; estimated 100 to 500 million units of medium into a share of 29%, is expected to invest 500 million yuan accounted for 10% of the units. More inclined to the central region 10 to 100 million. Education and information technology experts believe that a single source of funding is the school most common cause of financial barriers. In response to this market demand, in 2006, the wave of the computer industry to develop new strategies for education - "Ark Project", the core is through the establishment of a new financing model is to address the widespread lack of funds the education sector issues. Trinity also play on the middle and lower reaches of the integration advantages of companies, through financial and product portfolio, training and services to promote integration of the overall approach to help focus on secondary vocational education and regional education information users, and promote the education market and upgrade information technology centralized management of development, the application of innovation to meet the needs of high-end users. It is understood that the present wave of computer "Ark Project" has been in the provinces and cities nationwide college, vocational college implemented applications. Construction of the campus needs a significant number of Changzhou Institute of Light Industry Technology is a company directly under the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education-run full-time higher education, with 40 years of school history; an area of 981 mu, building area of nearly 30 million square meters, strong teachers, teaching system, the existing staff of more than 500 people, including 360 full-time teachers, students of more than 8,200 people, with nearly 30 professional. College has a national model of CNC technology education training base, Electrical and Electronic Experiment Center, computer training center, teaching base for digital animation base in Changzhou, more than 100 experimental and training center. CPC General Secretary Hu Jintao, former chairman of the CPPCC, Minister of Education Zhou Ji, Party Secretary Li Yuanchao and Governor Liang Baohua Institute and other leaders who have visited training base. To build the College has a certain influence in domestic and foreign modern vocational college, in 2006, the Changzhou Institute of Light Industry Technology Information Center of the New Campus of the smooth cap the occasion, the College leadership decided for the public tender, investment build "digital campus" for Septembers opening ceremony gift. It is understood, the College Network Center, multimedia classrooms, Internet room, speech classroom will be concentrated in the information center, which is to promote the Institute of information technolo

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