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IR3410S Datasheet | International Rectifier
Part No. : IR3410S
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Page Number : 39
Manufacturer : International Rectifier
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About this aspect, Hon Hai, general manager of the company is very satisfied: "Since on the management of software, I can get anywhere, and the companys overall business outlets Invoicing situation, the operation of the company can no longer be thrown off balance not so . Just little mouse, every few days to see a lot of previous data to be able to come out at any time. management software is too late ... on ... "for the business network" mountain high and the emperor far away ", it is difficult management problems, through information project team communication is enabled in the system of credit control, loss of control, price controls, etc., are also expected to achieve a good result. Through the system by the companys customers, to give different credit rating, the more credit the amount of good credit, payment can be longer; credit customers is relatively low tightening credit control, only a small number of credit and accounts very short period, reducing the sales of the existence of risk.
It is understood, MV570 uses SONY PSP with the top of the same 4.3-inch LCD Samsung. This screen is the worlds leading picture quality regardless of clarity or color balance are impeccable. Through the observation of a high-definition version of escape, feeling quite satisfactory performance of the color, colorful, color pure, natural transition, clear and bright visual effect. But also by the color adjustment function to adjust the screen based on personal hobby of color, brightness level, to meet the requirements of various environments. MV570 smoother video viewing is also very satisfactory, even in the oscillating environments will not appear lost, the phenomenon of jumping frames. It is worth mentioning that when the DVD file is completely copied, the original file that comes with multilingual subtitles can also be rendered non-destructive, freedom of choice. Left and right side through the fuselage of the built-in bar, a 1W speaker, stereo audio soundtrack can be instantly surrounded by the ear. In addition to the powerful multimedia playback in addition, MV570 also has unlimited recording high-definition, high-speed USB data transfer, USB charging, digital companion, image browsing, games, e-book reading and other functions. One digital companion function, based on USB-OTG technology, available from the digital camera, U disk and other devices to copy files directly, very convenient to business, travel carrying, to share with family and friends.

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