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Part No. : IR21094
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Manufacturer : International Rectifier
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Ya-Qin Zhang believes that if the Internet as a cloud, then any one device can access the Internet can be obtained from the relevant services - certification services, connectivity services, workflow services, without further development and deployment in the local. In this exhibition, highlight Microsofts cloud services platform based on the demo - the robot rights management. In the demonstration, the robot uses a user authentication services via the Internet and connectivity services, authenticated, you can operate the robot to issue legal action command. At the same time, the robot via Bluetooth laptop access the Internet connection services using the authentication services and to receive legal action command in response to the corresponding action.
Foster also pointed out that, Photosynth plug-in with IE7 and Firefox currently only version 2 and version 3 browser. Photosynth by Microsoft JPEG XR image file format to deal with multiple photos. U.S. Congress survey found that the most important anti-terrorism database because of mismanagement, coupled with inherent poor design, the question no one inquired after more than a month, and now do not go nearly as fast. U.S. Congress Committee is asked to investigate last week called "Railhead" program, which had U.S. anti-terrorism center should be updated integrated terrorist intelligence database, this database will provide information to the intelligence units of 16. NCTC, said in January this year, the database contains 500,000 words pseudonym. Such a plan to spend about 5 billion dollars. Railhead program will be revised for TIDE Online Web site provides free confidential nature of the anti-terrorism database; and update the NCTC Online site, which will be of a confidential nature which the database can provide counter-terrorism intelligence information and reports for analysis. However, the House Science and Technology Committee, NCTC took a significant change in recent weeks Railhead program, many participating in the scheme was abolished hiring personnel, from the original 800 size to the left dozens of people, so the plan has been tantamount to exist in name only.

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