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Part No. : IP175A
Description : 5 Port 10/100 Ethernet Integrated Switch
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Page Number : 60
Manufacturer : ETC
File Size : 1016 Kb

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The Court of Appeal is scheduled Sept. 23 hearing Microsofts appeal could delay the implementation of the injunction. Injunction scheduled to take effect in October. In addition to appeal, but Microsofts other options include: a technical way to avoid the allegedly infringing code, remove the cause of disputes XML function, or with I4i reconciliation. SCO Group against Linux Unix copyright infringement case 6 years of litigation, during which the company filed for bankruptcy once, and finally in the August 24 decision to win important victories. Before a U.S. federal judge ruling in Novell to sell its Unix business to Santa Cruz Operation, the did retain the Unix copyrights. Santa Cruz Unix business was again sold to SCO Group. The Court of Appeal in the further interpretation of Unix Asset Purchase Agreement, the verdict overturned, making this part must be re-trial. However, according to the 55s decision document, the Court of Appeal to support SCO royalties owed to Novells decision. Linux supporters demonized by the SCO Group CEO Darl McBride was delighted to see on this ruling. Salt Lake Tribune he said in a statement: "War is not over, but really we won a key battle. It is with our victory, to advance to the next round of battle time."

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