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Therefore, the Internet business opportunity which can not fundamental innovation, process improvement and not as "user visible" cases, innovation has become a key function of the key. Creating a web2.0 innovative features of the extremely strong, and further functional innovation is the fire continue to burn down this key. Such as blog, "write" This function is very real, there are many advantages compared to 1.0, there is a thing called the column, and will not propositions, but at least know what to write, there is a site called the starting point, that place was to write novels, also help you build a dream that most people can book, so a specific function, that the "rush" is normal, although the same, there will be a lot of tj works, but no one will worry about what to write on, tj is unattractive because of the content written to get attention not carry on.
Daily use of either teaching or teachers to exchange teaching content, PJ508D, PJ568D and PJ588D are very convenient carrying mobile, truly mobile office dream. Coupled with simple operation of the remote control, so that the teachers speech is more handy. Its powerful design is very user-friendly features, not only has a wealth of audio and video interface to support multiple input signals, but also in the 1-10 m range, can easily project an image as high as 273.4 inches, the maximum broadening of the classroom exhibition space, in the face of more than 100 large classroom, students need not worry about the can not see.

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