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Part No. : IMP810SEUR-T
Description : 3-Pin Microcontroller Power Supply Supervisor
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Page Number : 7
Manufacturer : IMP, Inc
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Weighted Round Robin scheduling algorithm with the corresponding weights that node processing performance. The algorithm is based on the level of the order of the weight way and in accordance with the polling request will be allocated to each task node. Nodes with high weight weight lower than the node handle more tasks request the same weight the same share of the node processing the request. Weighted Round Robin can be described as the basic principle: if there is a group of a cluster node N = {N0, N1, ..., Nn-1}, W said that the weight of node Ni, an indicator variable i said that the last choice server, T said node currently assigned the task of Ni content. +T indicates that the current cycle need to address the task of synchronization total. That task allocation is based on total weight of each node in proportion to the total weight allocated. When the cluster node into the system using the first, the system administrator based on the hardware configuration of nodes for each node are set to initial values of a DW, the load balancer to use the weights on the first while. Then, as the node load changes, the value of the equalizer to adjust the weights.

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