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Part No. : IMP809REUR
Description : 3-Pin Microcontroller Power Supply Supervisor
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Page Number : 7
Manufacturer : IMP, Inc
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Now most of the wireless LAN security method using the finite is equivalent to encrypt the information, which is the 802.11 working group made the encryption method. WEP algorithm is expressly with such a long sequence of pseudo-random key bit mode by adding a second algorithm, WEP uses 40-bit RC4 algorithm, which is stream cipher, which is a clear one to transform 1byte 1byte symmetric key cipher, the ciphertext to plaintext and key by XOR flow generation, decryption key stream with the same or to different ciphertext. The stream cipher has the features such as the integrity of its message demanding. In addition, stream cipher implementations must prevent key reuse. Because the attacker to intercept the two with the same key stream cipher encryption, the ciphertext can be different in these two paragraphs, or to express the difference by two or value, supplemented by statistical means, the attacker will have may be clear. And if there are a lot of duplicate key stream, then the likelihood of successful attacks has greatly increased. WEP integrity check and the initialization vector using the protective measures. However, the integrity check field is used by CRC-32 checksum as part of communication packets, CRC-32 checksum is also encrypted. However, CRC algorithm is linear, which means that CRC checksum and the data will reflect a strong correlation, which emphasize the randomness and cryptography significantly contrary to the principle that an adversary attacks a lot easier; and WEP on initialization vector operations are also shortcomings. It is precisely because there are many weaknesses in WEP, the security of the WLAN is greatly decreased, so this paper uses advanced coding standard encryption methods, this method will greatly improve the security of WLAN.
"Mac OS X.apple.AppleDiskImage Controller not properly handle corrupted DMG structure, leading to the invasion of the memory may be damaged, and to launch an unauthorized user may be liable to any core code attacks," code for the security expert said LMH . This vulnerability could remotely attack, because Apples Safari browser can be downloaded DMG documents from external sources, such as visiting a website. This gives people from outside can take advantage of the machine. Secunia security consultants of the companys Web site Tuesday announcement, the vulnerability risk level is set at "very important." In addition to computer users outside of the invasion, the flaw also allows malicious users to improve access.

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