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On with. MYI index file extension to use MyISAM tables myisamchk, on a. ISM index file extension ISAM table to use isamchk. Loaded to the table data, activate the index as follows: If you decide to use the index to disable and activate, you should use is described in Chapter 13 of the table repair protocol to prevent server lock also change the locks. XQuery statement is recommended as the preferred method. If the user is more accustomed to using SQL statements, and XQuery statement to use them for little or no experience, how to do it? If you use XQuery, but not accustomed to using SQL statement, how? If users are accustomed to use a different database management system SQL, just the time of migrating to DB2 9 how to do it?
At this time, another NT machine using the same administrator account as long as the exposure of the machine, the virus can infect WIN NT LAN to a network drive in the attached file. When the virus is activated, it will be in a shared network drive randomly select a folder, except infection. Dll or. Tmp file extension all other documents outside, even some DOS EXE file under the same escape the fate ... ... . ] Matrix virus originated in Germany in August 2000, at the time it is a very high risk of progression of the virus. The virus is widespread in the global context and the rapid spread of the worm because it has the characteristics of the network, namely the use of INTERNET and LAN transmission. The virus by creating wininit.ini files automatically each time the system starts running. In addition, the files are installed MTX_.EXE the system can also connect to the specified site, and download new virus plug-in, in order to complete their update.

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