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Node_zones type of the nodes zone, generally include ZONE_HIGHMEM, ZONE_NORMAL and three Node_zonelists ZONE_DMA zone memory allocation of the sort. It is free_area_init_core build_zonelists set by page_alloc.c zone in order nr_zones zone of the node number, from 1 to 3, but not all nodes need to have three zonenode_mem_map It is the first struct page array page, the array that each physical node in the frame. According to the node order in the system, it can mem_map in the global array is used to describe a bit Valid_addr_bitmap empty node memory bitmap, node_start_paddr the physical address of the starting node. node_start_mapnr mem_map given the page in the global offset calculation in free_area_init_core lmem_map mem_map and the node between the number of frames, node_size frame within the zone number, node_id of the node ID, system-wide node ID starting from 0. All nodes in the system maintains the list in pgdat_list in init_bootmem_core function to complete the list of initialization. In the small heterogeneous networks, many users choose Linux as network operating system, using its simple configuration and user interface provides a familiar graphical Internet service, FTP is one of the services it provides. In many network applications, FTP has a very important position. Internet is a very important resource for software resources, and a variety of software resources, most of them on the FTP server. As with most Internet services, FTP is a client / server systems.
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