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Part No. : IMP706PEPA
Description : 3/3.3/4.0V レP SUPERVISOR CIRCUITS
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : IMP, Inc
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Intrusion prevention technology in this field is a relatively new technology, mainly because these tools to make timely decisions and have instructions passed to the sisters equipment needs logic and communications technology has only recently become mainstream. Intrusion prevention system has not been more widely used, and the range of products are not rich. However, we should be widely used. Allow me to illustrate this idea. We must do more. Intrusion detection system provides a useful warning. However, these alerts like a Tom Clancy novel in the information sent to the president: a nuclear warhead is the direction in Washington, you have to take action? You must immediately organize a team, most likely a quick visit this alert, confirm the intrusion detection system than the information communicated to you for more information and to identify the affected system to stop the attacker. All of these must cover their footprints attacker in the shortest period of time prior to completion.
Has developed a variety of lower FBG fiber loss. Multilayer waveguide structure, such as buried fiber optic, etc., to further reduce losses, the need to clad and core is the same as the light-sensitive properties. Variations in the photosensitivity of 10%, refractive index variation of 1 10-3 loss values are less than 0.1dB. Optical fiber coupling device is used with the AWG and PLC optical device continuously improve performance and developed, has developed the same value with the PLC, MFD high ] fiber; through the expansion of thermal diffusion method of ordinary optical fiber MFD high value to ] the same fiber used in this new method can make the TEC fiber connection loss of 1.5dB from 0.1dB down to present the following.

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