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Force10 product portfolio to support reliable network reliability, network control and scalability improvements, enabling enterprises to reduce total cost of ownership. Through the establishment of a ready to support emerging and evolving applications and flexible network, enterprises can optimize their networks to meet current and future needs. Media processing, ARM, senior director of product marketing Borgar Ljosland said: "With the increasing diversity of handheld devices, game strategies and the application has been outstanding visual effects become increasingly important and innovative game ideas to create a moment too has come. Todays consumer products are based on yesterdays platform, for the game market, there is now a great opportunity to innovate, and this will depend on the IP vendors, foundries and OEM manufacturers, etc. work together. With Mali field advantage in the GPU, we are able to lead the trend
With the continuous development of economic and financial, consumer demand for financial products and services more diverse, and because of increased competition, the financial industry needs to tap new profit growth point, in order to improve their competitiveness. This requires the bank has introduced a more extensive financial business, which makes financial outlets to the marketing type business, investment and financial management transformation, outlets are carrying the business has become increasingly diverse; ability to support the network requirements are also higher. Retail outlets in order to ensure the competitiveness of banks to meet the rising demand for financial services, many banks are building networks to strengthen networks, ABC is one of Liaoning. Liaoning Agricultural Bank of Chinas three-tier network transformation was complete in 2005. However, with the types of business and growing the new system, the original line bandwidth and device performance has been unable to meet future demand, recently, Liaoning, in the access network ABC selected Ruijie reconstruction project in the network using a sharp Jie network RG-S5750P-48GT/4SFP and RG-S3760-48 switches. After transformation of the network in order to ensure high availability, high security, manageability and investment protection, through repeated demonstration, Liaoning province ABC eventually decided to change all the 900 MSTP network lines, using the switch point to point networking way. The program can achieve bandwidth of 2M to 100M smooth transition, to ensure smooth business growth expansion of the bandwidth requirements; and switch point to point networking to enhance the overall network performance, making WAN Management as easy as local area network management, reducing maintenance costs, improve maintenance efficiency; Ruijie link detection based on MSTP line routing technology ensures fast convergence; MSTP line for QoS technology ensures critical business priority and bandwidth. Based on the above considerations, Liaoning Ruijie ABC chose the solution, the perfect realization of the network transformation in mind. The transformation is complete, Liaoning, three ABC network the entire network performance will be greatly optimized and improved. The new three-tier network will effectively ensure that business-critical data transmission quality, increase network manageability and reduce the work pressure of scientific and technical personnel so that the whole business of Liaoning Agricultural Bank of China have significantly improved the efficiency of its further development and lay a good basis. Ruijie Agricultural Bank of China has always been a close partner of Liaoning. In recent years, the network construction and renovation projects, many have chosen Ruijie Liaoning ABC programs and equipment. Especially in the 2007 ACBS project, Ruijie by virtue of superior product quality and excellent service has won the trust of ABC. In the course of many years of coope

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