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Part No. : IMP16C554CJ68
Description : Fixed Point ALU
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Comments: In general, the keyboard is also a hedge against inflation accessories, unless the damage or not easily replaced. Good design not only reflects the material manufacturers and responsible attitude, but also protect the interests of consumers. Design with a waterproof keyboard, the keyboard has a lot of the bottom drainage holes, so even large amounts of water into the keyboard can also guide them as soon as possible, without causing damage to the keyboard. The black keys with Tampo + Coating Ultraviolet UV technology, can effectively reduce the font of chemical erosion, maximize the effect of anti-wear; we forced to pull out several times, failed to cause significant damage to the font. Design with concave keys, the actual use of them feel comfortable. Key column uses wear-resistant materials and professional rigid silicone injection molding technology, key paragraphs, and a good sense of the nominal life of up to 1000 million keys. Keyboard also supports multi-key while pressing do not conflict, through the 7 keys to the test, use it to play the game requires many shortcut keys is no problem.

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