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Part No. : IMP1232LP
Description : 5V レP Power Suppl er Supply Monit y Monitor and or and Reset Cir eset Circuit
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Page Number : 7
Manufacturer : IMP, Inc
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WSMA not the purpose of replacing the system management console, but when an error occurs to help deal with critical systems and applications. If needed, a complete diagnosis and correction of errors can be later executed on the server. 1. Administrators to configure what conditions need to be informed, and enter the destination phone number or notify the short message address 2. A text message appears in the administrators mobile phone, a condition that deserves attention. 3. The administrator password using WAP device and the server, the device is to receive text messages with the device may be the same. 4.. The administrator will see the main menu, navigate and perform he received a text message with the correction of errors related to the action. If the information is a notice of action, such as a job is completed, the administrator can check the status of the job.
HASEE GT7 GeForce 8600GT-based graphics core, video card with a G84 graphics chip, using 80 nm process technology, the graphics card built-in 32 stream processors, graphics cards support the latest DirectX10.0 and Shader Model 4.0 effects. Workmanship, HASEE GT7 exclusively designed by their non-public version of PCB, including graphics core and memory independent power supply, components on the selection of all-solid capacitor design, to ensure the long-term stable operation of the card. Memory, the graphics card to use GDDR3 memory particles, composed of 256MB/128bit the memory specifications, the cards default frequency of 540/1400MHz.

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