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Part No. : IM4A5-32-10VC-12VI
Description : The Best Relaytion
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Page Number : 11
Manufacturer : Tyco Electronics
File Size : 796 Kb

IM4A5-32-10VC-12VI Article About

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PJ508D, PJ568D and PJ588D flying with a unique personality "flow Xiang" design, the weight of only 2.66Kg, yet avant-garde in fashion and personality, compact body fits the special needs of modern teaching. PJ568D can automatically detect the input signal, automatically optimize the image position, with the image magnification, position adjustment, such as design, which greatly satisfy the use of different teaching contents. In use, the teacher does not need a complex menu set, you can start the presentation, while a powerful remote control can also provide rich functionality, easy to complete the wonderful help teachers teaching content, and greatly improves the efficiency of teaching . PJ508D, PJ568D and PJ588D is another highlight, the product uses a new high-speed color wheel technology Liang, this revolutionary technology can easily overcome the complexity of the ambient light in the vivid colors to enhance color saturation level and at the same time, the full support of both the contrast and brightness, both small classrooms, large class or large conference room, to achieve the color, brightness, contrast perfectly harmonized, in order to show you the best projection.

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