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Gelsinger said that Intel announced in advance extended instruction set chosen to help software companies to modify their software to better take advantage of these instructions. He pointed out that he also realized that this would also help AMD to follow suit later. Gelsinger said that Intel will make the whole structure of industrial development due to its faster pace. Kissinger said that Microsoft and Adobe have been working with Intel to support these new extended instruction set. General manager of Intels Server Platforms Group, Kirk said the new instruction set will appear in the Penryn processor. Penryn will be released in 2008, using 0.045-micron process.
In 2003, Western Digital has always been low-key break SCSI hard disk drives dominated the enterprise market situation, the strong launch of its flagship product "million transfer WD SATA Raptor" hard disk, causing the industry uproar. Why such a concern that a hard drive will it? Western Digital hard drive first million switch to SATA RAPTOR is the first product in the Serial ATA interface hard disk transfer technology on the use of million hard disk, a single platter capacity of 36.7 GB, with 8M cache, average seek time of 5.2 milliseconds, and has a thousand 2 million hours of life, and Western Digitals five-year warranty, and price is lower than SCSI hard drives nearly 30%. Western Digital hard drive capacity which company is going to expand to 74GB, the new command line 30% increase in technical performance, and a new hard drive in which the liquid used in the dynamic bearing FDB, greatly reduced noise and improved long term reliability. It all seemed to make those in the reliability, performance and cost reduction has a higher demand for enterprise customers a better choice. In 2003, 120GB, 160GB hard drive fully into the mainstream of civilian consumer prices, become a mainstream choice. Developmental history of the hard disk drive capacity is the development of history, especially of larger single platter constant breakthroughs in technology have become the biggest hard disk capacity of the driving force of technological development. Is well known that a single platter hard disk drive capacity not only means greater total capacity could have done more, and larger single platter capacity of raising the cost of the better control of the stability of hard work.

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