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Part No. : HT9170A
Description : DTMF Receiver
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To the user experience, Glass did add a lot of "cool" factor, but for commercial applications, how much can the benefits of these factors is quite doubtful, but the vast majority of enterprises, only this They also can not upgrade an attractive fundamental reasons. However, on the other hand, Glass interface is not the same "do not upgrade to Vista" the decisive reason for this, and some media claimed exactly the opposite. Although the new interface does require more of system resources, but there is nothing non-operational it is not necessary; you can simply close it, as long as a few simple mouse point, youre back to the tradition of the classic Windows interface down. Basically, the non-Glass interface requires a lower number of machines, that do not support the old Glass end systems are functioning properly.
Archive mode is to save the contents of the archive redo log log log mode of operation. Logging operation in this mode, the log will be switching ARCH process copies the contents of the redo logs to the archive log. For example, suppose a database contains only two log groups, LGWR process first writes the transaction log set for a change, then log sequence number 1; group when the transaction log to fill temporary changes, the system will automatically switch to the log group II, and Change the transaction log set to write the second, this time into a log sequence number 2, while the background process will ARCn save the contents of the log group to archive a log file 1; changes when transaction log to fill Group II, the system automatically Switch back to a log group, and transaction log set to write a change, this time into a log sequence number 3, while the background process group II ARCn will save the contents of the log to archive log file 2, and so on. ] modify the database parameter file, in the parameter file, add the following parameters: log_archive_start = truelog_archive_dest_1 = "location = C: Oraclephjarchive" log_archive_format = "T% TS% S. ARC"

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