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HT24LC08 Datasheet | Holtek Semiconductor Inc
Part No. : HT24LC08
Description : CMOS 8K 2-Wire Serial EEPROM
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Page Number : 11
Manufacturer : Holtek Semiconductor Inc
File Size : 160 Kb

HT24LC08 Article About

1. It should be integrated packet filtering firewall and application proxy firewall functionality. Enterprise-class VPN firewall products are evolved from, the firewall features that it has become part of the basic function of concentration. If it is a separate product, VPN and firewall work will encounter many difficult problems, different manufacturers may not work with firewall and VPN, firewall security policy can not be developed or a performance loss, such as firewalls can not using the NAT function and so on. And if we adopt the functional integration of the product, then the problem does not exist or is very easy to solve.
We must have these two motherboards is already very familiar with both platforms in their duel, or in the contest with sister brands have won the honor for the Biostar! And that is to be staged as the carrier of the cross-platform Talia contest, fighting the chipset performance, fighting is the true representative of a cost-effective test platform for their two most basic platform for dual-core platform, PE2140 and the AM2 3600 + for price is now only a difference of 30 yuan, and the whole platform is also short of the 30 yuan spent thirty yuan which is not wrong. TF7150U-M7 Motherboard Biostar MCP73 is the flagship, with Geforce 7150 + nForce630i highly integrated chipset, support for 1333MHz front side bus support, including Intel Core2 Quad, including dual-core processor, will also support the upcoming 45 nm Series processors.

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