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This initiative on many levels is very important. Consumers will be able for the first time other than the iPod MP3 player to play iTunes music; For Apple, the provision does not use DRM music can improve the regulatory agencies in dealing with the EUs credibility. EU regulators to force Apple to third-party hardware vendors to open up its iTunes. OAA is a "win-win" solution. First, the solution made in this way closer to user needs, therefore, end users will be satisfied; Secondly, not simply rely on partners to resell H3Cs products to make money, but with the content value-added services to enhance their own position in the value chain; Finally, H3C will have the opportunity to provide a more tailored solution. Channel from the user needs to adapt to the H3C itself to continuous improvement, forming a virtuous cycle. In fact, this is the "innovation for you," the essence.
Commercial success of 3G standards in China will undoubtedly lead to huge energy industry, will undoubtedly lead communications industry technological innovation and enterprise groups, the overall breakthrough. TD-SCDMA to be a deep understanding of the importance of industrial development, we must think from a strategic perspective to the problem. As vice president of China Unicom, Lu Jianguo has Referring to Japan, Korea, Europe, made the experience and lessons of 3G services have said, 3G is not only a technical problem, it is not only a market problem, it is a group of interests. The early development of 3G standards ITU is to establish a unified global 3G standard. However, the 3G standards related to patents, intellectual property and industrial development and other economic interests, so in Europe and the United States first proposed their own standards, and has refused to give. At this time, 3G is actually dispute the interests of Europe and America battle group. Chinese collection in time for the ITU 3G standards prescribed last day of the deadline for submission of the TD-SCDMA, 3G standards to join battle, is also for our national interest is to get rid of our first-and second-generation mobile communications development process backward, passive situation. 3G in the end contains what interests? Analyze the development of 2G, we can clearly know.

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