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However, the novel messages can be accepted for the mobile phone users, and to survive long term, but by the double-reading habits from the costs and challenges. 4200 words "outside" has begun a subscription service, 18 per month, can read the full novel. However, Vice President Cinda Hung YANG Yi that, compared to MMS, so the cost is clearly too high. MMS transmission capacity of each of the characters is about 5000 words, each of 0.6 yuan. That is, if the word MMS to subscribe to 4200s "outside", only takes 0.6 yuan. This is a most acceptable for the price. In the future, each novel, the price of 18 yuan can withstand such challenges? A low cost, the number of works will naturally be reduced, the market would be very difficult to say whether the long-term.
If the picture is your own, you can download back to your PC. Of course, if it is someone elses pictures, get permission, you can use. The official said, there is a prominent place is that all pictures will be preserved in accordance with its original appearance, to ensure that the user read it, or authentic. In addition to these improvements, mobile blog network has also increased the station message feature, to the need to communicate with other users of the station, and friends to provide the appropriate channels. GROUP group specially added features to the mobile blog is a mutual exchange of friends small world. GROUP do not want to be open to all group content, you can choose privacy of, so that only users can receive an invitation to participate in the discussion topics GROUP or pictures published. The official said, also continue to improve the current site, many features require users to actively comment on this, the site home page specifically set up a message board, fans welcome suggestions to move the blog. Openwave Systems has announced that the United States, China United Telecommunications Co., Ltd. Openwave Mobile Access Gateway was the fourth expansion. The completion of the works will be compatible with WAP1.x and WAP2.0 agreement, the system capacity of 6.4 million new users, the total system capacity of 11.4 million users.

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