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HIN238IB Datasheet | Intersil Corporation
Part No. : HIN238IB
Description : +5V Powered RS-232 Transmitters/Receivers
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Page Number : 19
Manufacturer : Intersil Corporation
File Size : 618 Kb

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According to the wave of technical personnel, Falcon 3.2 version of the server management software configuration of the system, while the maximum support for the intelligent management of 256 servers, with open, stable, secure three major features. Falcon 3.2 mainly by the resources to monitor management software, real-time performance monitoring, smart management and flexible alarm remote control and intelligent system composed of five functional modules. Through resource monitoring module, the user can more readily understand the server hardware and software, monitor the use of specific software to facilitate the users of the system hardware and software maintenance and upgrade; real-time monitoring module can be user of the CPU / memory utilization, network input / output case, the file system resource utilization, real-time operating system, monitoring and timely implementation of appropriate treatment actions, user quickly identify and resolve system problems and avoid unnecessary hardware damage, downtime or other accidents; and intelligent management module is a remote management system, easy user management, process management, service management and remote management; flexible remote control module allows the user to wake up through the network, ASF, flexible Remote Desktop and other means to control; intelligent alarm system module allows users to quickly make the appropriate corresponding alarm based on the operation of the system management more intelligent. "Sprint is fostering a number of strategic cooperation, in support of future wireless interactive multimedia services in a variety of techniques to study." Sprints chief technology officer is responsible for technology development, Oliver Valente, vice president, said: "The company is one of the study The technology is WiMAX, we consider the technology for 2.5 GHz band. "
In the Tianjin Petrochemical gateway anti-virus system design implementation, a total of twenty five Rising hardware deployed anti-virus wall. The head office and all branch lines through two interconnected Telecom and China Netcom. So we head to the exit of each branch of the deployment of two walls Rising Antivirus RSW-9000, all deployed in each branch of a protective wall Rising RSW-1000. Rising real-time antivirus scanning the wall and out of Tianjin Petrochemical network all data, all the networks and illegal program to intercept viruses at the gateway outside. Since the introduction of the virus solutions, network users can safely browse Internet web pages, download the software and mail server receives mail from outside completely non-toxic, the real from the entrance to eliminate the virus invasion of the virus, the effective protection of the entire network virus security.

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