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HIN232ECPZ Datasheet | Intersil Corporation
Part No. : HIN232ECPZ
Description : Low Power Quad RS-232 Receiver
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Page Number : 4
Manufacturer : Intersil Corporation
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As shown above, the network intrusion detection system network activity, filter, monitor, judge the invasion or not, and in accordance with security policy management to respond accordingly, the response form can be varied. Network Agent if a session matching the rule, then make the appropriate response to the invasion. IDS stage of analysis and intrusion detection techniques through the following general analysis: signature matching, based on statistical analysis and integrity analysis. Which the first two methods for real-time intrusion detection, and integrity analysis is used after the analysis. Signature matching is to collect information and known network intrusions and system misuse model to compare database, which found to have violated the security policy of the act. The process can be very simple and can be very complex. In general, an offensive mode can use a process or an output to represent. Symantec product manager, said Ping Guo Xun, one of the major advantages of this method is simply a collection of related data collection, significantly reduce system overhead and technology is quite mature. It used the same way as the virus firewall, detection accuracy and efficiency are high. However, the weakness of this method is the need to tackle the escalating hacker attacks emerging practices, can not detect hacker attacks never occurred means.
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