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Part No. : HIN202CB
Description : +5V Powered RS-232 Transmitters/Receivers with 0.1Microfarad External Capacitors
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Page Number : 13
Manufacturer : Intersil Corporation
File Size : 203 Kb

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Lei Baohua told reporters, P2P network traffic patterns change, to achieve a complete treatment of other, P2P system, there are many problems to be solved. One is security. Because of the need to deal with more peer operations and take on more services, they told the servers at the data center as vulnerable to attack, and direct communication between computers susceptible to viruses. P2P network basically no security to speak of, but also the lack of a centralized anti-virus mechanism; second is the bandwidth problems, mostly due to peer at the network edge, need to apply for more bandwidth, and general and limited bandwidth of the edge network. If the computer is located on the edge network and the highly fragmented, it will consume a lot of bandwidth, so a lot of trouble to file sharing. Most companies do not support the edge of network server process running on the other treatment. There is also a lot of service applications are carried out in the edge of the network is not conducive to centralized treatment.

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