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Part No. : HI9P508-5
Description : 8-Channel Analog Multiplexer
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Some foreign friends think it is similar to the flag of a country, but fortunately was corrected immediately it actually comes from Chinese Taoism. In addition, the game sets a CRT monitor also there have been flashes in the mystery series number "4815162342" Although the low-end GeForce 7 graphics cards can not meet the performance needs of gamers, but funds are not sufficient for the user to said a price of less than 300 dollars of products has provided a more practical choice. Today I was informed in the Ding Hao, ASUS EN7200GS/HTD/128M arrival, present the card slightly lowered to 299 yuan, 300 yuan mark a breakthrough success. The ASUS 7200GS graphics version of the design using a knife, with a quiet cooler, to provide users with a good use of the environment. We also see that ASUS provides three years warranty service for the user to lift the worries. ASUS EN7200GS/HTD/128M 7300GS/7300LE used is the same G72 core, so performance should be greatly improved compared to 7100GS. The core of this card has 4 pipelines, each rendering pipeline with a texture mapping unit. Hardware architecture, full support for the cards to DirectX 9.0, shader model 3.0 and HDR lighting effects.

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