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Part No. : HI9P201HS-5
Description : Interface IC
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3, an important venue for events, meetings, seminars and other live video through the computer terminal to control and achieve on-demand, playback and other functions, if necessary, in live video images will be stored in a local video storage, and upload central video server to the network for on-demand and broadcasting. 4, when the leadership of the CPC Central Committee or the superior television these important promotional information, some representative or special television feature, sports events, hot news, leaders and teachers can enjoy learning or through the network and use the cable VOD and wireless information recorded television signal acquisition, as a multimedia data management, to be later on-demand and broadcasting.
Another powerful feature is the SIP number is not tied to the physical device. Similarly, an e-mail account is not tied to a specific PC, you can be from any PC, access your e-mail. Similarly, a telephone can also be configured to support multiple numbers. When employees travel between the office, residence, you can easily set the vicinity of the desktop telephone support their own phone number. Particularly emphasized that, which means breaking the site constraints. Alternatively, a SIP phone can be set to a specific number, you can share with a phone call to anywhere within the network, plug the telephone line can be used immediately. As employees use the software on the laptop phone, they can get out of the enterprises internal network, as an extension, you can access via the Internet using the software phone. This concept is the expansion of staff numbers can be taken anywhere.

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