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HI5731BIB Datasheet | Intersil Corporation
Part No. : HI5731BIB
Description : 12-Bit, 100 MSPS, High Speed D/A Converter
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Page Number : 15
Manufacturer : Intersil Corporation
File Size : 371 Kb

HI5731BIB Article About

February 9, 2006, according to the news from Silicon Valley, California - the worlds leading defense experts in content security, today announced SurfControl, SurfControl content Defense filtering database to respond to customer requests per day over a billion times, the highest in the industry leading position. SurfControl CEO Patricia Sueltz said: "Internet content security defenses is all Internet users must pay attention to the key link, which is a trend, without taking any safety precautions in the case of the Internet is very undesirable lightly. SurfControl The aim is for each person using the network to provide security and defense, whether the children do their homework or need to access the staff work to the Internet. " In response to the threat of different networks, more and more security and defense platforms continue to strengthen content security defenses. Content security defenses to strengthen the key to identifying those data as a defensive software real-time database, as the field of anti-virus, as embedded in the defense program in the filtered data only from a few suppliers, SurfControl is to have this database, one of the few professional firms.
In order to meet specific areas of information monitoring and analysis necessary, the grid advisory body has also introduced semiconductor applications, storage, server monitoring the field of market information services for customers of professional analysis. World Telecommunication Day 2006, the first time the theme is "Promoting Global Cybersecurity" to show network security has become an urgent problem, Internet security solutions provider Check Point said, Outlook 2007, network security threats are increasing not only reduced, and the relevant industry and the user must do two jobs in order to deal with such challenges, one must integrate many of the safety equipment scattered into a tight security architecture, the other is to extend security to enterprise IT systems the data layer.

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