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Part No. : HDMP1636A
Description : 8 Character x 1 Line
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Page Number : 1
Manufacturer : Hantronix,Inc
File Size : 26 Kb

HDMP1636A Article About

Boss Wang, Sales Manager Li on an important job to do the arrangements for a period of about two hours, account for a lot of background, importance, objectives and so on. Manager Li back to the office, and immediately convened a number of key Zhang, etc., about 30 minutes, one by one arrangement of the tasks. Wang plagued by a series of important things, forget asking these basic things, but always feel a little down and spare is not practical. Before going to bed, Wang suddenly remembered, asked the progress, call Manager Li, Manager Li still said no problem, have arranged to carry out effective go-getters.
It is reported that in North China, Northeast China, and Henan, Shandong provinces and cities in the north were part of 10 and China Netcom, Jitong reorganized into China Network Communications Group Corporation. Mobile, China Unicom and China Railcom to maintain status quo, coupled with the end of last year was set up the China Satellite Communications Corporation, Chinas telecom operation to form the "5 +1" the new pattern. However, in the new telecommunications and new Netcom is not listed on the circumstances, the news has been confirmed that the new telecommunications has been established in Beijing in preparation for Beijing branch, which is the mean of the new telecommunications market will not withdraw from the north, the so-called Jiang and rule at peace plan the pattern is not formed. The former China Netcom in the south that did not slow down the work force.

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