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Part No. : HD74LS11P
Description : Triple 3-input AND Gate
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ItemCount: This property does not calculate folder contains subfolders for all the number of items. Unread ItemCount: This property is not marked only count the number of items read. VisableCount: This property is visible and only count those users access to the project, ignoring the folder may be stored in the system hidden items. ADO fields collection of objects required to access the schema attributes, and CDO to provide a more simple way, many of the more general schema attributes can be accessed via the CDO properties. Such as: We can access the Person object in the urn: schema: contacts: HomePhone attribute schema, the code is as follows:
Smooth implementation of the project has been completed, operating normally, the device is running for the monitoring center and network security escort. Royal Divine SecFox-SNI Network Security network monitoring systems introduced SecFox-SNI unified management platform management of enterprises and organizations of various types of infrastructure and application service nodes, including network devices, host devices, safety equipment, and even room dynamic environment and access control, various types of database, middleware, e-mail system, web service, OA, CRM, ERP, e-government systems, and so on, provided the image, appearance and ease of network topology, the physical layout of the map room, the real instrument panel diagram, business services view, and through the curves, charts, depicting real-time network traffic, equipment operation, make the administrator of their infrastructure at a glance, easy and efficient management of all equipment.

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