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In accordance with the deployment plan and build the high-definition video consultation system will stand as a cascading center in Qingdao, with the remaining four sites each MCU interoperable digital cascade control. Configuration of the site will be high-definition HD MCU and terminals. After completion of the system will be used for the Bureau of the Executive Council, operational guidance, meteorological consultation, emergency event handling and other services. Recently, Qingdao Branch of China CITIC Bank announced in September 2008, the accounting authority of the official certification body through the Global Management System Certification Ltd British standard audit, obtained ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. This certification helps CITIC Bank, Qingdao Branch of the introduction of international advanced management mode, successfully constructed a branch of accounting quality management system, control of operational risk management system so that up to a new level, and be able to better efficiency and quality customer service, access to a stronger competitive advantage for enterprises to cope with economic challenges provided the impetus.
Securities and Futures is a network stability, security requirements are very demanding industry. But with the rapid development of online transactions, according to the Commissions findings that: the vast majority of the securities companies for information security management is often for their own business, the overall uneven level of security protection; but the core trading systems, online transaction security, power important part of communication protection, there are weak areas; In addition, internal network security management is also a large number of vulnerabilities exist, especially in the means of malware defense, threat assessment, emergency response, security, etc., and the actual needs of the enterprise There are clear hysteresis.

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