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Part No. : HD74HC164P
Description : LED driver
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Large customers in the traditional private network, the network access layer less the overall planning, layout fragmented, resulting in service provider network interface over E1 lines, and unified management more difficult, less reliable, easily lead to the construction period, construction point of failure and exclusion of more difficult problems, this also increases the cost of equipment and engineering and maintenance costs. In addition, the traditional centralized service access platform, although the modular to provide the appropriate solution, but in terms of cost, power consumption, maintenance of a lack of flexibility. Web-development, the future large customers will be showing a smart private network convergence trend, whether it is networking or routing, will be showing a modular and low cost characteristics. The new large customers in the private network, the access layer devices fully integrated into the SDH transmission network, eliminating access to E1 cable, and using STM-1 optical transmission equipment with the docking port to achieve a unified network management to ensure high network reliability.

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