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Part No. : HD74HC04FPEL
Description : LED driver
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ASUS P5BV-E/SAS board five expansion slots, including: three PCI 32bit/33MHz slots, 1 PCI-E x 16 slots and one SO-DIMM slots, which, 32bit/33MHz PCI plug slot to provide users with the general expansion of the expansion of the device, and a PCI-E slot is based on the actual needs of the user providing higher bandwidth, SO-DIMM slots can be optional ASMB3-SOL for remote management; the board to provide 1 floppy port, an IDE interface, 4 SATA interface; and its Incorporating ICH7R, so Asus P5BV-E/SAS in WINDOWS, through software to support Intel Matrix Storage technology, support RAID 0,1,0 + 1, Software 5 applications; In addition, the board provided the rear I / O interfaces include: a PS / 2 mouse port, 1 PS / 2 keyboard port, 2 USB, 1 serial port, 1 VGA interface, two RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port; on the motherboard has USB plug pin reserved for connectors, system integrators can be used for pre-USB interface.
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