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Part No. : HD6809P
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Page Number : 33
Manufacturer : Hitachi Semiconductor
File Size : 2134 Kb

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NCC PSA series graphics card uses solid capacitors with a closed top consisting of power supply module inductance. In addition, using an integrated cooling system to ensure that the memory core particles and show a good overall heat dissipation. MAXSUN graphics that the users friends are very familiar with the name in the market has been very high rate. I learned today from the market, MAXSUN 8600GT Diamond Edition is currently re-arrival of the market, market price is 850 yuan. MAXSUN using non-public version 8600GT Diamond Edition 6 layer PCB design and ensure a more stable performance, among the more prominent in the public version of the product, also based G84 display core, 80nm process technology, a unified shader architecture graphics, built-in 32 Steam ProCESsor processing unit, to support DirectX10, SM4.0 and other special effects technology, through the HDCP protocol, and supports NV PureVideo exclusive video decoding engine that supports H.264 video hardware decoding technology.

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