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HD64F7044F28 Datasheet | Renesas Technology Corp
Part No. : HD64F7044F28
Description : Renesas 32-Bit Single-Chip RISC Microprocessor SuperH RISC engine Family/SH7040 Series(CPU Core SH-2)
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Page Number : 923
Manufacturer : Renesas Technology Corp
File Size : 4268 Kb

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DU: the courage to be the first telephone exchange, and how to say in the shortest possible time, the most critical issue, which is the Sales need to exercise. Sun: In addition to the courage to call this number, we have the courage to "pressed" customers, and forced and not forced, the final effect will be is not the same. DU: Sales approach this process must be clear, because another angle, if we are a customer, someone ask me for help, I will look that can be perfunctory. However, if Sales is not chasing me, I will be very relaxed. If the other party will seize on this to force me to give an echo, then I can not to have to ask people.
SUN plans to let half of the Sun Fire high-end server uses a faster 1.2GHz chips. Midframe system that contains 12 processors, including the 4800, with 24 processor 6800, including 36 of 12K with 72 processors and 15K. The source said the new chips run faster, cooling, than previous generations of processors by 30%, help reduce body heat caused by the server due to data corruption and crash problems. SUN UltraSparc IV chip has embarked on the development, launch later this year, will partner the existing UltraSparc III servers. The processor will use "dual core" model, in the same piece of silicon implanted in two processors, similar to the Power4 chip, IBM and HP on PA-RISC 8800 "Mako" chip processing mode.

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