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Part No. : HD64F3397F17
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Page Number : 1
Manufacturer : NTE Electronics
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Server has two network cards, eth0 *.*.*.* IP address connection with Internet, eth1 connected LAN, then the / etc / network / interfaces setup as follows: auto loiface lo inet loopbackauto eth0iface eth0 inet staticaddress *.*. *.* netmask *.*.*. 254auto eth1iface eth1 inet staticaddress of course, can also be configured using ifconfig: $ Ifconfig eth0 *.*.*.* netmask $ route add default gw *.*.*. 254 $ ifconfig eth1 netmask in / etc / resolv.conf to set, modify or add nameserver fields: nameserver with the mac if the ip address is bound, but also to modify the mac address of: $ ifconfig eth0 down $ ifconfig eth0 hw ether *:*:*:*:*:*$ ifconfig eth0 up

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