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Part No. : HD64F3337F16
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Manufacturer : NTE Electronics
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Note: The above is no / boot partition configuration, with / boot partition is not required in front of the / boot, see the GRUB configuration file NOTICE section. After restarting you can select the network upgrade, and boot floppy with bootnet effect is the same. Here we will use Red Hat 9, another startup file, which is only recently in the Red Hat release appears boot.iso. Red Hat 9 will release the first CD-ROM ISO image file loading, we found that the images directory under the distribution more than the 7 Series a boot.iso file and found it loaded that contains a relatively large kernel and the initrd file, which contains the installation system initrd common hardware device drivers, I use the file to launch automatically recognize when the graphics card and motherboard PM133 rare adaptec ANA-6911TX network card, it is strongly recommended to use boot.iso automatic upgrade can save the trouble of driving. It is worth mentioning that the Red Hat 9 now has built-in network card driver is not boot.img, while Red Hat 8 in bootnet.img in common with some network card drivers, and extract the initrd.img about bootnet.img files in the lib directory can see the driver module files.
HTPC living room at home, the natural need to have stylish eye-catching appearance, home entertainment can be called a pioneer, and the height of the majority of HTPC chassis is very limited, as only the vertical components of the graphics card installed, to meet the sophisticated needs of its height had Most HTPC case, or even the best graphics card into the chassis is not no sense! For the sake of passive cooling and many have set up a large silent graphics card cooling measures is likely that within the system with the chassis and other hardware have compatibility issues, leading to installation is not smooth, or can not be serious all the chassis cover possible! So many HTPC graphics card will use a simple form to avoid conflict with the chassis, fire whirlwind PCX2416 PRO-X specifically for HTPC chassis and family environment, semi-high-definition broadcast design, the graphics card itself lower than the average height, so even Heavy with the heat sink, but also a very good HTPC chassis compatible thin!

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