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Part No. : HD64F3062F20
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Manufacturer : NTE Electronics
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Compared XF300C series, 40ZF500C biggest change of course, built-in high-definition digital TV reception. And as with the Toshiba 52X3300C, 40ZF500C also provides two antenna interfaces, electronic program guides, message boards and other useful features. Editor Comments: 40ZF500C Toshiba brings together many top television technology and design advantages, both in appearance and a high level of performance. Top XF300C than the previously released series of LCD TVs, the biggest difference is that a full high-definition digital TV one product, making it beyond the Air Product XF300C Series flag.
Six streets in the center of the network layout of the Digital 6 sets DCRS-6608, the DCRS-7608 Gigabit fiber links with the establishment of the convergence layer. DCRS-6608 provides 10 slots, including eight as a service interface module slots, 2 slots for the management module, according to the actual situation in a flexible network configuration. DCRS-6608 also has a 128Gbps backplane bandwidth, 48Mpps forwarding capability, can be carried out L2/L3 wire speed data forwarding, the system provides up to 32 Gigabit Ethernet interface, or 256 Fast Ethernet interfaces, to meet user requirements for the expansion of network size. In providing comprehensive switching and routing functions at the same time, DCRS-6608 also provides a 1 +1 power backup, load balancing and hot-plug reliability design.

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